Filter Type: : 3 Coupons and 21 Deals. Plus, it will cost you $1400 USD for the Electric Sky units, which are rectangle and not well suited for a square grow space, but for less than 1000 you can get an HLG 550, which should be perfect for that space. Check with @Stephenj37826 to see if they have any coupons or anything. They usually have like a 5% off coupon.. ok seems like the single seed center doesnt offer coupons, how about herbies head shop? they have better prices other than attitude and they price match as well, so i guess this would be the next best thing to attitude. anyone knows any coupons from them?

upper canada seedbank legit? - Rollitup

5 months ago Hi, I recently placed an order with them and cancelled because it was kind of fishy. On the site it says if they do not have the seeds in stock they will contact you right away and either offer another pack or a refund.

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blue planet nutrients coupon - Rollitup

6 months ago anyone have a discount or coupon code for blue planet nutrients? i cant find a valid one anymore

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anyone know a discount coupon for

5 months ago anyone know a discount coupon for Thread starter donmagicjuan; Start date Feb 6, 2012; donmagicjuan Active Member. Feb 6, 2012 #1 any codes that work here? sonar Well-Known Member. Feb 6, 2012 #2 No, but make sure you request the "strain of the month" on the piece of paper or invoice you send along with your money order

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Nirvana Coupon Codes - Rollitup

5 months ago tried it and it was denied ..but it did say that coupon expiredalso found on google another code..gobblegobble..imagine from thanksgiving and that also said expiredeither way i have to wait for my hard visa greendot to arrive in the mail since this thing i bought at walgreens is uselesshopefully nirvana or the tude as a sale in the next ten days.

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Steve's LED's is a Coupon code available? - Rollitup

6 months ago Hey guys gals, long time no see. Is anyone aware of a valid coupon code for Steve's LED's. I'm about to make a purchase and I was hoping someone knows of a valid coupon code I can use. Thanks in advance

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Nirvana Discount code - Rollitup

7 months ago I tell everyone that asks this, they don't exist, regardless of the coupon code applet on their check out screen. That is a common applett on add on shopping cart apps.

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Herb Iron - Rollitup

6 months ago I cant say enough good things about the Herb Iron, We absolutely love ours! And the customer service from you guys is right on point! I would highly recommend anyone out there to check out the You Tube videos and see this thing in action and the pick your self up a Herb Iron, and some nice new glass from Fdd! It is a great combo.

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Single Seed Centre Discount Code - Rollitup

5 months ago I was originally going to buy from attitude seed bank, But they are sold out of some of the strains I want. So, Im getting read to place an order thru Single Seed Centre and I was hoping someone here had a Discount Code for their company I could use. This is my first time ordering seeds, Thanks

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Do not but seeds from amsterdam marijuana - Rollitup

6 months ago DO NOT BUY SEEDS FROM AMSTERDAM MARIJUANA SEEDS.COM . They will take your money, the seeds will not arrive, and then they will refuse to refund your money. 5 months ago I paid 106 Euros for 10 seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.Com. They did not give me the option of registered post. When

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James Bean Company - Rollitup

5 months ago I just can't give enough accolades to this guy and his company!!!!! He heard I lost all my seeds that I purchased from him during the lava flow, and told me he would replace them fro free!!! That in itself is an amazing act of kindness and good character!! But when I got the replacements, not

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Horticultural Lighting Group "Discount Code?" - Rollitup

6 months ago Is there a RIU code for the HLG site? Thanks

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JBC Seeds - Page 5 - Rollitup

5 months ago Good morning, RIU. We've activated a one-day coupon that will allow you to save 10% off the entire website. This coupon can be used in combination with all promos and coupons we're currently offering and will be good through tomorrow morning until 4:20 AM (PST).

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Magical butter 2 review w/coupon code - Rollitup

5 months ago I've had my magical butter 2 machine now for several months and thought I'd share my opinion on it. So far I've made butter, oil, and capsules. the machine has made everything without flaw. It's very easy to use and does almost all the work for you. The only area of work with this is straining

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Attitude Sept Promo - Cali Connection - Page 3 - Rollitup

6 months ago Do you think Cali Con has the best seed version of Bubba Kush? The price is kind of ridiculous, 115 for a 10 pack of regulars. I know a local dispensary is selling Cali Con flowers that have been really good, like Blackwater. Never ran CCs Bubba. The Bubba in my garden is from Provision, and

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Grandmaster Level - HLG Quantum Boards vs 1000w HPS side

6 months ago Are you handing out any coupons for trim labor to help offset all the extra work with smaller nugs as a result of led? CannaBruh Well-Known Member. May 2, 2018 #423 1.4 gpw vs ~1 gpw? GML says he is confident in the lights what is the issue? Reactions: Randomblame and Humple. Humple Well-Known Member. May 2, 2018

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How to check if an online hydroshop is legitimate ? - Rollitup

8 months ago This is my first thread not sure which forum is best but here goes. Having been a newbie I've never order any equipment like this before. I've been searching for good deals and this website seems to no customs costs etc being in Canada. Has anyone used ? Or ordered

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Drug test - Rollitup

5 months ago Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine at the very best prices. Quick Fix synthetic urine is a pre-tested fake urine sample that works for both male and female users trying to pass a urine test. Check our unbelievable discount coupons and reviews today and place your order now!

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Canadian Compassion Club gets mouthy and large orders are

6 months ago Canadian Compassion Club 12:58 PM (21 hours ago) to me Hi Paul, I sent this to you, not sure why you didn't get it. We're not a scam site, we just take some time on the weekends for ourselves, like most everyone in business. Peace, hope you find the people you wish to work with. We don't

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Old school breeders association - Rollitup

5 months ago Fake sir. It only took about twenty minutes with a simple Google search. Nevil's name is spelled wrong for one, secondly he is currently trying to setup shop legally in OZ so he's not selling seed stock.

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RIU Discount Code for Attitude or Herbie's? - Rollitup

7 months ago Yeah man, there has got to be some other working coupons. I'm all down for seeds but they get pricy with the shipping. Click to expand 420 gets you 10% off, or at least it used too. I hear you on that cost issue. Sometimes shipping can be as much as a pack of seeds, especially if you get the guarantee, which is absoutly nessisary.

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Cheapest Medical Marijuana recommendation in Arizona

5 months ago No offense at all my friend, I don't work for Precision medical. This thread was asking about the CHEAPEST Medical Marijuana Certification Center in Arizona, which is not necessarily the BEST in Arizona. To my knowledge, Precision Medical is the cheapest place to get a Medical Marijuana recommendation in Arizona.

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Best Seedbank to order from in US? - Rollitup

5 months ago and when it comes to freebies and delivery time you cant beat Oregon Elite Seeds. Every two packs you order you get free seeds they get to your door (2-3) days 100% guaranteed and a tracking number to boot oh and did I say they do free shipping in the USA and Canada you really cant beat that, Ive been dealing with banks for over 20yrs and OES so far has been the best at it all.

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