Filter Type: : 0 Coupons and 3 Deals. This is made from a 50 Cal Bullet and it can be engraved with a last name or badge number. This is a gift my husband has loved and uses frequently. It is amazing quality and their site often has coupons and sales. Image credit goes to Bottle Breacher. Ben shot, shot glass or thin blue line bullets rock glass. These are beautiful shot or . Here is a link to some Printable Christmas Coupons and Gift Certificates from A Modern Homestead. Coupon Book and Image are from A Modern Homestead. Here is another from One Crazy Mom. FREE Police Wife Guide- Top 10 Ways to Rock Police Wife Life. Learn to rock police wife life with these 10 easy tips! Join thousands of fellow police wives who

How to Reset After a Crazy Week of Police Wife Life

5 months ago Each week (one day at the beginning of the week) I set larger-weekly goals. These are important, larger size goals that I must accomplish. These are different than my mini-daily goals. Examples: Pay bills, cut coupons for the week/month, plan my child’s birthday party, organize fall/winter clothes in my children’s closet.

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