Filter Type: : 3 Coupons and 41 Deals. Coupon Websites. Online coupon sites, like, or, sell both printable and online hotel coupons. You can get a code to input online while reserving your room, or you may receive a printable coupon to show at check-in for additional savings.. These places will either allow patrons to pre-purchase tickets at a discount (approximately $3 to $6 off) or will provide a corporate partner code to use when ordering tickets online. Partners such as Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Wendy’s and Lowes Foods sometimes have coupons for discounts at the gate (offered at various times throughout the

How to Get Free Food in Las Vegas - Getaway USA

5 months ago How to Get Free Food in Las Vegas. Vegas visitors can get free meals for gambling, or they can use coupons the casinos give away. Getting Started. Call the casino/hotel where you will be staying and ask if it offers its guests funbooks. Call other casino/hotels and ask if they offer funbooks for players.

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How to Get Discount Tickets to the Baltimore Aquarium

5 months ago Purchase entry to the aquarium after 5 p.m. on a Friday and receive half off admission. Be prompt to take full advantage; the aquarium usually closes at 8 p.m. Blackout dates may apply, so check the aquarium's website to see if your Friday night is discounted.

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How to Get Free Dollywood Tickets and Coupons - Getaway USA

5 months ago Third-party discount offers are rare but some local businesses distribute coupons for Dollywood. Fast-food chains sometimes include coupons in take-out bags or pasted onto cups, while others pass out booklets filled with coupons for area attractions that on occasion may include Dollywood.

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What Rental Car Companies Allow Spouses to Drive for Free

5 months ago When renting a car with Hertz Car Rental, the spouse of the primary driver may be added as an “Authorized Operator” for free for rentals in California and Iowa, states the Hertz website.

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How to Get an Avis Car Rental Discount - Getaway USA

5 months ago As of April 2010, these sites offer Avis car rental coupons for up to 25% off of your Avis car rental. Not only are these coupons compatible with most locations and online reservations, but these sites also have the most up-to-date coupons and discount combinations to save you the most money.

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How to Get Coupons in Las Vegas - Getaway USA

5 months ago How to Get Coupons in Las Vegas. You know the saying. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So does a lot of your money. Even if luck is on your side, a trip can be costly. Between the hotel, restaurants and entertainment, it adds up. There are tons of deals out there, it's just a matter of finding them.

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How to Get a Free Cabin Upgrade on a Carnival Cruise

5 months ago Carnival Cruise Lines has a fleet with cabins that range from small interior rooms to luxurious penthouse suites. The cost of your cruise depends on the type of cabin you choose.

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How to Get Discount Silver Dollar City Tickets - Getaway USA

5 months ago Visit The site offers Silver Dollar City tickets at a discount. You can purchase the tickets online or by phone. The prices are close to what Silver Dollar City charges; however, the website does not charge the service fees that Silver Dollar City typically charges.

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How to Get Discount Tickets to SeaWorld in Orlando

5 months ago The price of the tickets to many attractions in popular tourist destinations, such as Orlando, Florida, can be quite high. However, if you know what attractions you are interested in before you go, you can do some research and find deals where you can get a discount on these attractions.

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How to Get Free or Discounted Show Tickets in Las Vegas

5 months ago You'll find numerous coupons to get discounts on show tickets in the many local Las Vegas guides, including "Where," "24/7" and "Las Vegas Showbiz Weekly." These can be found in many highly trafficked tourist areas, including at hotel concierge booths and souvenir shops.

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How to Get Discount Disney Tickets - Getaway USA

5 months ago Purchase tickets from Disney websites in advance using the Internet. The prices will be lower than if you wait until the day of arrival. Research optional means to obtain discounts through travel agents who specialize in Disney vacations.

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How to Avoid a Parking Fee at Universal Orlando - Getaway USA

5 months ago Research and book a hotel that offers free shuttle service to and from Universal Orlando. If you search on a hotel search engine or the hotel's website, look for a list of complimentary services that the hotel offers.

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How to Redeem Speedy Rewards Points - Getaway USA

5 months ago How to Redeem Speedy Rewards Points. by Emilia Lamberto; Updated October 05, 2017. Related Articles. How to Get Free Rooms at Foxwoods; There is no limit to how many redemption coupons you can use in one visit. Tip. The items available for redemption through Speedy Rewards are subject to change. Visit your local Speedway and ask for an up

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How to Request a Las Vegas Visitor's Guide - Getaway USA

5 months ago The Las Vegas Visitor’s Guide is updated bi-annually with current shows, new interviews and different hotel profiles. There are three different ways to request a Las Vegas Visitor’s Guide. You can receive one in person, by mail or online. The visitor’s guide is free. In Person. How to Get Coupons in Las Vegas;

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How to Get Into Orlando Attractions for Free or a Discount

5 months ago Purchase an Orlando Entertainment Book. Although you have to pay for it, the Entertainment Book offers special deals like buy-one-get-one-free offers that are well worth the cost if you plan to take your family to several Orlando attractions.

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How to Get Senior Discounts at Disney World - Getaway USA

5 months ago How to Get Senior Discounts at Disney World. Disney World is a great place to get away for a vacation no matter your age. Take the grandkids with you for company, or run off with your spouse, for the kid in you. Visiting this magic land can keep you busy for days, but it gets expensive.

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The Best Time for Whale Watching in Maine - Getaway USA

5 months ago Whales migrate to the coast of Maine to feed in mid-spring, leaving in October for warmer waters. June, July and the beginning of August are the best times to spot them off the coast of Maine.

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How to Get Complimentary Rooms in Las Vegas - Getaway USA

5 months ago Hotel casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, reward gamblers with perks like free buffets, concert admission and complimentary rooms. Offering freebies, also known as comps or complimentary gifts, keeps the players coming back to spend money. Regardless of where you stay, from Caesar's Place to Treasure Island, you have a

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Caves & Caverns Near Gatlinburg, Tennessee - Getaway USA

5 months ago In addition to the rich history of the Smoky Mountains, which lend their name to the national park, the area around eastern Tennessee is filled with caves that tell their own story. Some of these underground labryinths near the resort town of Gatlinburg housed Native Americans and were home to moonshining operations.

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Dinner on a Riverboat in Memphis - Getaway USA

5 months ago Paddle-style riverboats have been plying the rivers of the mighty Mississippi since the 1800s, when they were pared-down cargo vessels meant only to move livestock and produce quickly up and down the river. With the advent of the railroad, the steamboats were replaced as workhorses. Quick-thinking boat owners gussied

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Turnaround Bus Trips to Casinos From Van Nuys, California

5 months ago The company has excursions to San Manuel seven days a week, with afternoon pickups in such locations as Van Nuys Boulevard and Woodman Avenue in Arleta, just 10 minutes north of Van Nuys. Passengers get six hours free time in the casino and add-on packages include coupons for food or play.

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Trip Cancellation & United Airlines Policy - Getaway USA

5 months ago If you need to cancel a trip and you booked with United Airlines, you might be entitled to a refund, or you might just be out of luck. It all depends on why and when you are canceling your trip, what sort of ticket you bought and what sort of coverage you have. Before making demands on a hapless ticket agent, read

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How to Get Free Stuff on a Carnival Cruise - Getaway USA

5 months ago Be a company shareholder. If you hold at least 100 shares in Carnival Corporation, you will receive $250 worth of onboard credit for cruises that last 14 days or longer, $100 credit for cruises lasting seven to 13 days, and $50 worth of credit for cruising six days or less.

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How to Get Complimentary Tickets to Silver Dollar City

5 months ago If you have more time than money, consider listening to a sales presentation from a respected timeshare company. While it may seem too good to be true, these businesses often legitimately offer free tickets to Silver Dollar City for those who are patient enough to listen to a lengthy sales pitch for seasonal condominium packages.

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How to Get Discount Tickets to Las Vegas Shows - Getaway USA

5 months ago Cross-reference your list of top shows with the information provided by the properties presenting them. For example, if you want to see the famous variety acts at Circus Circus, go directly to the Circus Circus website to see what types of deals the property offers.

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How to Get Free Rooms at Foxwoods - Getaway USA

5 months ago Nestled in the woods of eastern Connecticut, Foxwoods Resort Casino is the largest casino in North America with more than 320,000 square feet of gambling space. The resort includes three hotels with about 1,400 rooms. If you'd like to stay here for free, join the casino's rewards club and use the card as you play in

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New Orleans Hotels with Cruise Parking Packages - Getaway USA

5 months ago Several New Orleans hotels offer discounted parking for cruise passengers. These hotels include the Hampton Inn, the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, the Maison Dupuy Hotel, the Downtown Marriott, the Westin New Orleans Canal Place and Springhill Suites New Orleans Downtown.

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How to Create an Avis Wizard Number - Getaway USA

5 months ago Avis is a car rental company. Creating an Avis Wizard account allows you to make reservations and receive your rental car faster. Instead of entering your personal information when renting a car and then verifying it at the car rental counter, your information is stored and once accessed, is pre-filled onto your reservation screen.

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How to Make Reservations at Olive Garden - Getaway USA

5 months ago Make reservations only for large parties. Olive Garden does not allow its restaurants to take reservations for small parties. However, while the policy forbidding weekend reservations is not flexible by location, the amount of people you need to make a reservation at Olive Garden varies by location.

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How to Get Free Tickets to Disney World - Getaway USA

5 months ago Contact friends or family members who work for Disney, but do not live in Orlando. Many Disney cast members throughout the world--including Disney Store employees, people involved in Disney movie productions and Disney musicals on Broadwa--receive a specific number of free passes per year, depending on their length of employment with the Disney Co.

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How to Get Discounted Theme Park Tickets - Getaway USA

5 months ago Go to the theme park website of your choice well in advance of your visit. Click on "tickets" or "special offers." All of the large theme parks have a link to deals that can cover anything from discounts for weekend tickets to special packages connected with a park hotel.

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Where to Go for the Cheapest 1-Day Disney Tickets

5 months ago Here is a breakdown of where to go for the cheapest 1-day Disney tickets. Online from the Theme Parks. Buying tickets on the Disney website before arrival can net a nice discount. These can either be mailed or printed from the computer. How to Get Free Dollywood Tickets and Coupons;

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How to Get Discount Six Flags Tickets - Getaway USA

5 months ago Six Flags parks have had a decades-long promotion with Coca-Cola during which you can redeem specially marked cans of the soft drink for discounted tickets -- often for as much as $20 off a single-day ticket -- which can be used most operating days.

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Where to Stay: Harrahs vs. Ballys - Getaway USA

5 months ago As sister hotels of the Caesars chain, Harrah's Las Vegas ( and Bally's Las Vegas ( both pamper and entertain their guests with amenities ranging from spas and shopping to the legendary Las Vegas nightlife and gaming. Whatever thrills you seek, you'll likely find them at either

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How to Cancel Orbitz Reservations - Getaway USA

5 months ago Orbitz is an online travel company that offers a wide range of options for travelers. Users come to the website to place their reservations for cars, packages, hotels and more.

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How to Get the Cheapest Car Rental Deal - Getaway USA

5 months ago Check online rates cited on the rental companies’ own websites. Normally, online rates tend to be a little cheaper than the rates quoted over the phone. Many car rental websites offer additional coupons and discounts that can only be accessed and used when reserving online.

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Key Largo Public Beaches - Getaway USA

5 months ago Key Largo, like many of the islands in the Florida Keys, is not known for its beaches. Its water is shallow, the result of a 221-mile-long coral reef system that extends from Miami to the Dry Tortugas National Park near Key West. These shallow waters do not provide the wave action necessary to form a beach. Still,

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Carnival Cruise Tips & Tricks - Getaway USA

5 months ago Also pick up all the coupons you can. If you use the services, use the coupons. If there is a port day that you will be arriving back on board early or you'll be going ashore later--or not going ashore at all--that is the day to schedule your spa services and ask for deep discounts. These will usually be less than with the coupons.

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How do I Get a Comp Hotel Stay in Las Vegas? - Getaway USA

5 months ago Bellagio. Caesars Palace. The Venetian. Las Vegas is home to some of the most famed casino resorts in the world, and even the swankiest properties on the Strip will give you a comped room -- but only if you wager enough. The lesser quality the hotel, the easier it will be to earn that free night's stay.

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How do I Redeem Spirit Air Miles? - Getaway USA

5 months ago Provide the Spirit Airlines agent with your Free Spirit account number, your name and desired travel destination and dates. Some dates may be unavailable for Spirit Air miles redemption, and you may be asked to provide an alternate date of travel.

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How to Get Cheap Disneyland Tickets - Getaway USA

5 months ago The worst thing you can do when searching for cheap Disneyland tickets is wait until you get there. Tickets sold at the door are always sold at full price, no matter how old you are or what time of the day you arrive.

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Regulations for Crossing the Canadian Border - Getaway USA

5 months ago There are a number of regulations you should be aware of when crossing the border into Canada. Though the two borders have traditionally been somewhat fluid, post-9/11 security enhancement has introduced new restrictions.

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