Filter Type: : 0 Coupons and 16 Deals. Customers find it all over the place -- on their pretzel bags, their ticket envelopes, their drink coupons -- but Southwest employees know that symbol has a particular meaning: Treat others with . Finally, older generations used coupons while shopping more often than millennials (60% vs. 55%) -- the only cost-saving method to show that pattern. Coupon use declined among all generations over the past year. Download Gallup's latest report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live,

Marketing to Tweeters and Their Facebook Friends -

5 months ago Gallup research shows that cost is an important factor when generating engagement among Millennials, as with other generations. offering them membership cards and status as preferred clients that often come with discounts and coupons. Make Millennials think they can't live without your product -- even if they can.

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5 months ago Use Gallup's learning resources (books, cards, kits and materials) on their own or with our in-person and online learning programs for ongoing development. Gallup’s blended learning programs are designed to help you integrate what you learn into your daily work. And you can choose the type of learning that works best for you.

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Building a Brand Relationship -

5 months ago Building a Brand Relationship Attracting new customers requires more than building trust. Companies must create brand passion, and "business as usual" just won't do. (for example, by giving consumers coupons, discounts, or rebates). Gallup's research clearly suggests, however, that these efforts are off target and that they're unlikely to

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Gallup Events

5 months ago Learn everything you need to know to attract, retain and engage millennials in your organization. This three-hour workshop gives you an exclusive opportunity to learn what Gallup’s unprecedented research has discovered about how millennials work and live, and how to apply these analytics to gain a competitive advantage.

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Millennials' Next Disruption: Grocery Stores

5 months ago With straightforward interventions, grocery stores can, in fact, appeal to millennials' unique needs, enhance customer engagement and increase consumer spending. Here are three best practices Gallup recommends: Review and revise loyalty program initiatives. Let's be honest: Millennials are not likely to clip coupons from the Sunday paper.

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No One Is Winning the Battle for Digital Wallet Customers

5 months ago The Gallup Panel is a probability-based longitudinal panel of U.S. adults whom Gallup selects using random-digit-dial phone interviews that cover landlines and cellphones. Gallup also uses address-based sampling methods to recruit Panel members. The Gallup Panel is not an opt-in panel and panel members do not receive incentives for participating.

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American Consumers Careful With Spending in Summer 2014

6 months ago American Consumers Careful With Spending in Summer 2014 More than half of American consumers Gallup polled say in the past four weeks they purchased generic or store brand goods (83%), shopped at more than one store for similar items to get the best deal (61%), gone online to compare prices and find the best deal (59%), used coupons when

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StrengthsFinder 2.0

4 years ago Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? Chances are, you don't. All too often, our natural talents go untapped. From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more time to fixing

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Digital Wallets Don't Deliver What Consumers Need -

5 months ago Are there coupons available online? Is there a similar product available that costs less? All of these capabilities are offered by other apps with very user-friendly designs and could be meaningfully integrated into digital wallets. Similarly, many consumers want easier ways to manage their personal finances.

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Growing Up Lonely: Examining Teen Alienation

5 months ago Growing Up Lonely: Examining Teen Alienation. by Linda Lyons. Teenagers walk a fine line between childhood and adulthood, often tripping back and forth over it for years. During adolescence, teens begin to compare themselves with those around them, define their world, and consider where they fit into it. It’s a difficult process, and for many

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Consumers Aren't Adopting Digital Wallets -

7 months ago Consumers Aren't Adopting Digital Wallets. by Daniela Yu and Beth Youra. Story Highlights. and loyalty cards and coupons to make electronic purchases using a digital device, most often a smartphone -- will need to convince more consumers to adopt and use their products. If they don't, they may be squeezed out of an already tight space

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Analytics & Advice About Everything That Matters

10 months ago We help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. We empower you to use data for real transformation. Through analytics and advice, we provide leaders with a road map for

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Creating Social Marketing That's Actually Social

5 months ago Creating Social Marketing That's Actually Social Despite dramatic marketing efforts to use social media, most businesses are experiencing little, if any, positive benefits from it Being social means that you create a two-way conversation with consumers (but not if they are expecting coupons from you).

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Planning for the “New Normal” -

6 months ago Planning for the “New Normal” and consumers are increasingly clipping and redeeming coupons. The "new normal" isn't likely to be a world where consumers continually deny themselves personal rewards. In response to price-sensitive shoppers, retailers have been diligently slashing their prices and demanding that companies that make the

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